Apply here for 2024 Scholarships

Current and prospective students are encouraged to apply for an Academic Scholarship for Years 7 and 10 in 2024.

Applications open on Thursday, 1st December 2022 and close Friday, 3rd March 2023. The process to apply for an academic examination is as follows:

  1. You must register online for the ACER Academic Examination by Friday 3th March 2023 using the link below.

Academic Scholarships

Victory Lutheran College offers two levels of Academic Scholarships:

  • Level 1 - for students entering Year 7 in 2024
  • Level 2 - for students entering Year 10 in 2024

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of a competitive examination conducted by Victory Lutheran College in conjunction with ACER (Australian Council for Education Research).


A fee is payable during the online registration process. This fee covers the examination materials and processing of results to be provided to the College.

The fee for the examination is $115.


Students who register for an Academic Scholarship are required to attend and sit a one off examination at Victory Lutheran College on Saturday 18th March, 2023. Applicants MUST BE ABLE TO ATTEND this day.

Who Can Sit These Exams?

  • These scholarships are open to all students, including those students already attending Victory Lutheran College and those not currently enrolled at the College, for entrance into Years 7 and 10 in 2024.


  • Students should be able to demonstrate a high level of achievement in major curriculum areas including English, Maths, Science and the Humanities.
  • They should also possess a high level of all round ability, a strong Christian faith and a willingness to be involved in the wider community.

The Process to Apply

  1. Register online via the ACER link above and pay the $115 application fee.
  2. Sit the examination at Victory Lutheran College on Saturday 18th March 2023. Candidates must be at the College by 8.45am.
  3. Students will be notified whether they will be required for the interview stage.
  4. Interviews with the Principal.
  5. Offers of Academic Scholarship made.
  6. Acceptance of families and students of the terms and conditions of being awarded an Academic Scholarship.

Other Information

Students who will be awarded a Scholarship are required to have an interview with the Principal. Students not currently enrolled at the College will be subject to the usual enrolment procedures. An enrolment pack is available from the Administration Office.

The Principal may take the families' ability to pay fees into account and parents/carers in this situation should discuss this with the Principal during the interview process.

Scholarship values vary from 15% to 50% of the annual tuition fees and offer remission on these fees for a period of up to 3 years provided the student adheres to the scholarship conditions. These scholarships provide the means to develop a well-rounded and talented student who might not otherwise have the chance to achieve their potential.

All scholarships are reviewed annually and the continuation of a scholarship is dependent on the recipient's performance, academic effort, behaviour, participation and contribution to the overall life of the College. Scholarships in Year 7 are valid for three years, while in Year 10 they are continuous until the student completes Year 12.

Any Queries?

For further information, please contact our Registrar, Ms Margaret Moore on 02 6057 5859 or via email below.