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What a difference a week makes in the life of a school!

As I sat and wrote my last newsletter article two weeks ago school life was progressing, dare I say ‘normally’, with lots of wonderful activity across the whole College.

By the time the newsletter was published our world was turned upside down as we were plunged back into another snap state-wide lockdown and preparing for Remote Learning 4.0.

As we come out of the lockdown, I would like to publicly thank all of our staff for their quick and professional response within a very short timeframe. Their efforts ensured a very smooth transition into and then out of remote learning for our students and their families.

I would also like to thank our families and students for their engagement and wonderful support during this time. 
We now enter a new round of restrictions, which are likely to frequently change over the coming weeks, and we will endeavour to keep families up-to-date in a timely manner.
The continued uncertainty surrounding the ongoing battle with COVID-19 has been, and remains, unsettling to everyone. Therefore, I encourage everyone to be there for one another. Support one another and we will continue to get through this.

Miles Learning Centre - Construction Continues

After a few ‘slow weeks’ involving a lot of important unseen structural work, work on the site has taken off. The structural steel is now up, and then last Friday and this Monday the concrete floor has been completed over two pours. We can now see the beginnings of the full building structure.

For those who like their construction facts, the first pour last Friday saw over 13 concrete trucks deliver 72 cubic metres of concrete for the outer two slabs, with a team of 20 onsite. Then on Monday a further 7 trucks delivered over 48 cubic metres of concrete. That’s a lot of concrete!

Despite a slow start and rain, the project still only remains about a week behind schedule.

Thank you to our Business Manager, Mr Glenn Wright, his team and all our local contractors for all the work that is happening to ensure this project is a success and provides the College with another modern contemporary learning environment for our students and teachers.

Mr Gary Harding
Acting Principal
T2 Wk 7 Principal Concrete Pour
Concrete pour for Miles Learning Centre