Instrumental Music Lessons - 2018

Thanks to our partnership with the Murray Conservatorium, students are welcome to try a new musical instrument.

Victory offers a range of instrumental music lessons. These are conducted by private music teachers at Victory and are available as individual as well as some group lessons. 

Come and Try Lesson

In partnership with the Murray Conservatorium (The Con), The Con are offering a free ‘Come and Try’ 30-minute lesson for any instrument. Depending on interest, these Come and Try lessons will be an individual lesson or a group lesson – a great way to get together and make new friends. This offer closes on Friday 16th February.  If you are interested, please contact The Con on 02 6041 4249 or via email.

Free Instrument Hire Offer 

Victory are looking for cello, clarinet and drum players and are offering 6 months free hire of these instruments. The clarinet is suited to students in Year 4 and up, and the cello (3/4 size) for Years 5-7. 

Please contact Benita Cousins if you are interested.

Or if your child would like to commence music lessons with our private instrumental teachers, please contact them directly through the list below to arrange lessons at the College.