Pink Stumps Day Shock Result

Hat trick to the staff!
2020 Match highlights

Whatta match! 

 Incredible! Amazing! In the narrowest of margins, staff have retained the Barras Shield at the Year 12 vs Staff Pink Stumps Day on Tuesday evening. Students won the toss and sent the teachers into bat. With a strong team, the Year 12 cohort were overly confident about their chances to upset the tide of staff dominance and there were worried glances around the staff when the wickets kept falling, most likely the result of the students’ tactic  to overcrowd the oval with fielders. However, some strong batting from Mr Hartwich and Ms James set a respectable target. The students then found it difficult to remain at the wicket but with an endless supply of batters, kept plugging away but just couldn’t get what they needed. It came down to the final over and the staff won by just 2 runs.  Staff 127 - Year 12’s 125.

Special moments from the game (as witnessed by match commentator, Mr Joel Klemke) were: 

  • Mrs Lee ‘Somersault’ Burton sprinting between the wickets, then diving and ending up with a somersault in order to not get out, however this did result in a rip of her skirt she was wearing. 
  • Miss Murrell proudly catching the ball, as this is something she cant normally do according to her. 
  • Miss Laurie-Mann’s attempted slower ball beating the quite confident Noah Withers’ bat for pace and getting out…(it was apparently awfully slow)
  • Mr Leverett’s running backwards to take a catch but got his feet tangled and ended up falling flat on his back. 
  • Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Leahy taking 4 catches I think it was?! Or was it Shannon?
  • But one of the greater moments of the game was when the staff could see Spencer Jones’ dominance on the ground and realised they needed to do something to curb his influence. Marg ‘Administration Voice’ Moore was able to make an “announcement” over the PA system calling him to the front office causing him to start to make his way there. Spencer had left his respective fielding position and it was now open for the staff batsmen to strike a ball immediately there on the next delivery. Superb timing one would say!

Thanks to everyone who came along to support the game and to help raise funds for the McGrath Foundation. Funds are still being tallied and will be announced in the next newsletter. It is still possible to donate and those students and staff who pledged $5 for each dropped catch - or boundary - are welcome to access the following link: 

Ms Caroline Whittle
Year 12 Pastoral Care Leader
2019 Match highlights