Robogals Visit Victory

Robogals inspiring students to take up STEAM

Once word got out that Robogals, a group of tertiary students, were running Mechatronics workshops this week for Years 5, 6 and 7, it was hard to contain students’ enthusiasm for their turn at coding robots. A group of 11 tertiary students from four universities (UNSW, Monash, University of Canberra and Melbourne University) were visiting Albury Wodonga for a four-day field trip to inspire more girls to take up STEAM subjects. 

Robogals was founded in 2008 by Marita Cheng, a university student dismayed by the low numbers of females enrolled in Engineering and other STEAM fields. The student-led organisation quickly expanded globally at over 30 universities across Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Japan, China, South Africa, New Zealand and the Philippines and Marita Cheng was awarded Young Australian of the Year for her work in setting up this organisation. 

Victory students had an engaging session with Robogals as they took students through a coding workshop for robots ending with a mini Sumo battle. 

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