Welcome to 2018

The 2018 Opening Service blesses the new year and celebrates the achievements of its Year 12 Class of 2017.

A special welcome to all new students and families who join our College community this year. As we commence 2018, our enrolments are 747 students, including 100 new students throughout the College.

We officially commenced our College year with the 2018 Opening Service on Monday 5th  February. With our whole College community, we installed our College Chaplain, New Staff and Student Leaders for 2018 as well as acknowledging the achievements of our Year 12 Class of 2017.

Year 12 Class of 2017 Achievements

Congratulations to our Year 12 students from last year as there is no doubt that our students worked hard and were rewarded for their efforts. As a College, we are extremely proud of our Year 12 Class of 2017.

We congratulated Hannah Billington as our Victory Lutheran College Dux of 2017 at our Opening Service on Monday morning. Hannah scored an ATAR of 99.35 with perfect scores of 50 in English and Psychology, along with 45 in History - Revolutions and 42 in Global Politics. Hannah’s outstanding achievement is testament to her work ethic and diligence during the past year and provides an amazing example for our Year 12 Class of 2018. 
Congratulations to Cameron Fowler and Anna Campbell who both achieved ATAR scores of 90+.

We also acknowledge a number of senior students who achieved an individual subject result of 40+ which places them in the top 9% of the state: 
Hannah Billington – English, History: Revolutions, Global Politics, Psychology
Cam Fowler – Chemistry, Physical Education, Physics
Anna Campbell – Biology, Physical Education
Rebecca Scott – Health & Human Development, Global Politics
Abby Vogelsang – Psychology, Studio Arts.
Mitch Bartlett – VET Furnishing
Nat Beckwith – VET Furnishing
Olivia Knight – English
Tess Levitzke – Health & Human Development
Sarah Morgan – Hospitality
Cain Terry – VET Furnishings

As a Year 12 Class of 2017, over 40% of all our students scored an ATAR of 70 or higher. In Victoria, Victory Lutheran College was the 6th highest ranked regional school and in the top 25% of all Victorian Secondary schools.

We are excited to watch the next part of the Year 12 Class of 2017 journey, which for many involves accepting university placements. Our Old Scholars have been offered university courses ranging from Arts to Forensic Science, Computing Studies to Event Management, Nursing to Wildlife and Conversation Biology, Music Production to Speech and Language Pathology. 

We wish our old scholars all the best and remind them that they are always welcome back in our Victory Lutheran College community.

I pray that God will bless our College year and support our students as they commence their classes. I trust that we all settle back into our routines over the coming weeks and connect with friends, old and new!

Yours in Christ,

Mr John Thompson