Principal's Blog

Just over a term ago, we were welcoming our College community to a new year and enjoying the buzz and excitement of the school yard as our students, families and staff returned. Sadly, over the past few months, our lives have been turned upside down as the world comes to terms with the Coronavirus pandemic. Last week, we returned for Term Two and the buzz of a new term was replaced with silence with less than 80 of our students at school. 

For all of us, our world that we knew has changed and it is likely to be a different world when we come out of this pandemic. We are very fortunate at the moment that the impact on Australia hasn’t been as extreme as other countries with the large numbers of fatalities. We can’t do those things we normally take for granted but it is hard to imagine the impact on those families and countries who are mourning their loved ones. A few weeks or months in isolation with our families as opposed to the other heartbreaking possibility of losing a loved one – it is a pretty easy choice, isn’t it? 

One thing that has become really clear to our family with the current COVID-19 restrictions is the things that we are missing. Like everyone, we take many things for granted. Simple things like going out for dinner with friends, taking the kids to the playground or even just going to the shops for the week’s groceries have changed. Who would have ever thought that you would need to stand 1.5 metres away from people and get served from behind a screen?
But while the negatives of this terrible situation might be more obvious, I believe that it is important to look at the positives in any situation. In our Staff Devotion on Monday morning, my reflection focused on Fredrick Langbridge words:

Two men look out through the same bars: one sees the mud and one sees the stars.

How we feel, how we act, can be very much influenced by how we let ourselves see things. Do we look down at the mud or do we look up at the stars? Winston Churchill’s quote provides another way of thinking about this:

‘Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it’.

So, we together look for the stars and rise against the wind, remember the positives that are all around us.


For our Foundation Class of 2020, yes, they are only starting their second term of Primary School but…

  • They are eager to learn, and they will take the opportunities that are presented to them each and every day through Remote Learning.
  • Digital technology is part of their world and they are digital natives – they will cope.
  • Our Teaching Staff are in this with them and are doing everything we can to support them.

Year 12

For our Year 12 Class of 2020, yes there are some additional challenges that may cause them some anxiety in their final year but…

  • All the Year 12 students across Victoria are in the same situation.
  • Remote Learning is common in Australia’s universities and our students were already using digital technology daily in their studies.
  • Our Teaching Staff are in this with them and are wanting to do everything we can to support them.

For our students, families and staff of Victory Lutheran College, we can get through this situation if we stay together (but keep our distance). I encourage our College community to look to the stars, not the mud and rise high against the wind.

Take care, stay safe and do your bit to stop the spread.

Yours in Christ, 

Mr John Thompson  

Year 3 ANZAC Day Chapel

Traditionally, Year 3 would present our whole College ANZAC Day Chapel tomorrow morning, and they still will! However, it will understandably be presented remotely. The ANZAC Day Chapel will be pre-recorded by Year 3 with Mr Dewhirst, College Chaplian assisting and a link emailed to families Friday morning. 

ANZAC Day at Home

For those families who would like to hold a private observation of ANZAC Day in their homes, or join the RSL ‘Light up the Dawn’ nationwide event happening on Saturday morning at 6am, we have compiled an audio track (sourced from the Australian War Memorial) to assist. It contains in sequence: 

  • The Ode
  • Last Post
  • One minute’s silence
  • The Rouse 
  • Australian National Anthem

Lest We Forget.