Principal's Blog

As I am writing my latest Principal’s Blog, we are preparing for the earthworks to commence this week for latest building project, our Miles Learning Centre. This will be home to our Years 3 and 4 students and teachers from the start of 2022. It is a significant building for our Primary School as it concludes the core building projects to support the triple streaming from Foundation to Year 6.

The Miles Learning Centre will be home to six flexible classrooms positioned around the central collaborative learning zone. Like our Year 5 & 6 Curtis Learning Centre, our classrooms have operable dividing walls that will provide the 21st Century learning opportunities for our students and teachers. Utilising these modern learning areas, our students will be developing the six C’s of 21st Century Learning – critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, character and citizenship. The development of these 21st Century skills are fundamental of our learners of today and are more important than a focus on the memorisation and retention of quickly outdated information. While still focusing on the core literacy and numeracy skills, our students and teachers will integrate the six C’s through a blended learning model with inquiry and project based opportunities.6-Cs.jpeg?mtime=20210315122009#asset:6680

The Miles Learning Centre will also support our Years 3 and 4 students with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program with garden equipment storage areas and sinks part of the design. The location of the building integrates with our garden areas and provides easy access to the Food Technology kitchens in Drover.

As is our College’s tradition, our new building has been named after one of the aircraft, the Miles M-38 Messenger, that was part of Joe Drage’s Airworld museum that was previously located on our current site. This was a 4-seat cabin monoplane that had a cruising range of 750 kilometres was developed during World War II as a liaison aircraft for the RAF. Once retired from service, the individual Miles aircraft was ferried to Australia in 1955 via the Middle East and used near Hay, NSW for mustering cattle.

We are excited to watch the development of the Miles Learning Centre over the next nine months and look forward to our Years 3 and 4 students and teachers thriving in their learning hub for many years to come.

Yours in Christ, 

Mr John Thompson
T1 Wk 8 Principal Miles Learning Centre
Turning the first sod for the Miles Learning Centre