Lutheran Church of Australia

Lutherans were the first Protestants and trace their origins back to the Reformation of western Christendom in the sixteenth century when Martin Luther challenged some of the teachings and practices of the church of his day. Luther insisted that the Bible is the authority that decides what the church should teach and do. With some seventy million members, the Lutheran church is still the largest Protestant denomination in the world. 

The Lutheran church has been in Australia and New Zealand for more than 170 years. In the 1830s small groups of Lutherans emigrated in search of religious freedom. They settled mainly in rural areas in various parts of the country. Today the Lutheran church is made up of people from rural and urban areas and many different cultural backgrounds.

As a church with an emphasis on biblical literacy and Christian education it has supported the provision of Christian schools from its beginnings. Lutherans have operated schools in Australia since 1839. Currently there are Lutheran schools located in every state and territory of Australia except the ACT. The church operates early childhood Centres as well. All these schools and Centres are owned by the Lutheran church and are incorporated into a system with support structures at national and regional levels.

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