We are proud to be able to offer a broad variety of subject choices and believe that our College provides individualised and personal tuition for every student.

I recommend all senior students take the time to carefully consider the subjects that will best prepare them for the journey beyond school. Importantly, this is a time where parents/guardians are encouraged to be deeply involved in the decision-making process and should likewise develop an understanding of the programs offered here at Victory Lutheran College. Throughout these deliberations, I encourage students to also consider those subjects that they are interested in. Subjects that you love, enjoy and feel challenged by and that will inevitably ensure that your program is one of successful learning.

As you move through the subject selection process I encourage you to talk with each other and our teaching staff to gain their advice and wisdom also. Learning is, and will continue to be, most effective when there are open and clear channels of communication between school and home.

There are a vast arrange of options available to students and we have a proud history of being able to meet the individual needs of student pathways. As we strive to maintain this partnership I encourage you to do likewise and join us on this, the next journey in your child’s education, towards a future of lifelong learning.

Mr John Thompson

June 2021

2022 Yr 9 11 Subject Information Evening

Years 9-11 2022 Subject Selection Evening

Our Subject Information Evening for students entering Years 9-11 in 2022 has sadly had to be cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Fortunately, we have well-prepared resources available that should assist students and families in the subject selection process. The Curriculum Guides together with our information on Cirrus will be highly valuable and informative – current Year 8-11 students and their parents/guardians are encouraged to browse this information and resources together on Cirrus.

Upon returning to school, students will also be given further opportunities to ask questions and seek assistance with their selections.

Should you wish to ask any questions about subjects, the process, VCE, VCAL or VET – please feel free to email any of the staff contacts which can be found in the Curriculum handbooks.

Alternately, you can join in our ‘Q&A Zoom’ sessions next Tuesday, 27th July between 7.00pm and 7.45pm. Links for these meetings are on the Subject Selection page in Cirrus. Please note these meetings will be purely Q&A, there will be no ‘presentations’.

Subject preferences for 2022 must be submitted online by the extended deadline – 9.00am, Monday 9th August.

Mr Tim Hartwich
Head of Secondary

2022 Curriculum Handbooks

Students and their families are encouraged to read through the following Curriculum Guides to help guide them through the subject selection process.

How to select your subjects

All subject selections need to be completed online through the website:

Students will receive their log-in credentials via their College email. The printed and signed receipt of your completed selection must be handed into the Administration Office by 9am, Monday 9th August 2021