Sport is an essential part of the curriculum at Victory. Physical Education classes are undertaken at all year levels with the focus on participation to the best of a student's ability using movement and motivation to enable and challenge active living. Primary classes are taken by Specialist teachers,

A healthy body is vital for a healthy mind. There is much research and evidence supporting the notion that regular physical activity during the senior years is imperative in maximising student learning outcomes and academic performance. All students in Years 10-11 are given weekly opportunities to be involved in sport or other physical activities as part of our Flexible Learning program. Year 12 students are encouraged to be involved but are given the option of using this time for additional study as they see fit.


Our Inter-House sporting carnivals are key events within the College calendar which develop leadership, Collegian spirit and fosters a strong team culture, whilst providing further opportunities to compete at higher levels through School Sport Victoria (SSV). The Swimming and Athletics Carnival is separated into two events for Primary and Secondary students, while the Cross Country Carnival is a whole school event held at Victory and immediate surrounds.


Throughout the year, students are given further options to compete in a range of Inter-School sports, again with direct channels that can lead to national-level competition. SSV is a statewide competition for both metropolitan and country schools including Catholic, Independent and State Schools.

Sports include, but are not limited to, AFL, Badminton, Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Softball, Netball, Volleyball, Swimming, Golf and Basketball.

Students from Years 4 onwards are eligible for the SSV competition.