Families are able to order lunch for their son/daughter online 5 days a week using the eCanteen website. The Canteen will also be open Wednesday to Friday for over-the-counter service and students can use either cash or EFTPOS on these days in addition to online ordering.

eCanteen is mobile compatible as a free simple app installed from the eCanteen website.

Features of ordering online using eCanteen include:

  • Simple login - Login with a Facebook, Google or Microsoft Account.
  • Order in advance.
  • Easy, secure payment. PayPal processes all payments, a secure, trusted payment processing site. PayPal allows you to use either a credit card or bank account and keeps a record of all payments made.

The Canteen Menu and Weekly Specials will be published on the eCanteen website and in the Canteen itself.


How to Register

  • Click on 'New User'
  • Select either Google, Facebook or Microsoft account to use as a login.
  • You will then need to sign into your chosen account.
  • Complete the fields to register your account with eCanteen.
  • You will then be asked to create a profile for your student in order to place an order (this is done by clicking new profile). An account can contain multiple profiles (eg one profile for each student).
  • Select Victory Lutheran College and complete the student details - we suggest that classroom is entered into Room Number (For example: if your child is in Curtis in classroom 5 then enter C5).

Once this is completed you are now right to place an order by clicking new order.