Saya suka belajar Bahasa Indonesia!


Years 3-9 students learn Indonesian and Years 10-12 students can continue their learning of the language as an elective. Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation on earth and one of our nearest neighbours. The language is spoken in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. 

Students are introduced to the language, building vocabulary and understanding of grammar. The focus is on building effective and confident communicators whilst participating in a wide range of engaging learning opportunities including guided writing, role-plays, on-line activities, comprehension and translation tasks, cultural research, group work and language games. 


Victory has established a sister-school relationship with a senior Lutheran school in Gunungsitoli on the island of Nias in Indonesia. The SMA School has about 100 students who are taught in both Indonesian and English. This global connection allows our students to use their language skills and develop a broader understanding of cultures and custom beyond their local community. 

In 2018 and 2019, Victory hosted two students from our sister school. In 2018 a group of Years 10-11 students undertook a language and cultural immersion tour to Indonesia.