Our Canteen

eCanteen in 2020

During COVID-19, students will be able to order lunch online through the eCanteen from Wednesday to Friday. We regret there will be no paper orders or over-the-counter service during the pandemic. 

eCanteen is mobile compatible as a free simple app installed from the website without any need of an app store. Features of eCanteen include:

  1. Simple login - Login with a Facebook, Google or Microsoft Account to cut down on having to remember yet another login. Don’t have one of these, don’t worry it’s easy to sign up to one of these providers for free. 
  2. Order up to a week in advance.  
  3. Easy, secure payment. All payments are processed by PayPal, a secure, trusted payment processing site. PayPal allows you to use either a credit card or bank account and keeps a record of all payments made.


How to Register

  • Click on New User
  • Select either Google, Facebook or Microsoft account to use as a login.
  • You will then need to sign into your chosen account.
  • Complete the fields to register your account with eCanteen.
  • You will then be asked to create a profile for you student in order to place an order (this is done by clicking new profile).  An account can contain multiple profiles (eg one profile for each student).
  • Select Victory Lutheran College and complete the student details - we suggest that classroom is entered into Room Number (For example: if your child is in Curtis, classroom 5 enter C5).

Once this is completed you are now right to place an order by clicking new order.