Years 5 & 6 Open Water Experience

Years 5 & 6 learn water safety around our river systems

After a long wait for COVID restrictions to ease, Years 5 and 6 students finally participated in an Regional Open Water Learning Experience led by Life Saving Victoria in mid February. The sessions were held at Noreuil Park, Albury and during these activities the students rotated through a number of water-based activities.

These sessions included CPR and life saving skills, use of life jackets and life saving devices, open water safety, the use of paddle boards and a general awareness around what is in and under open water – especially relevant to our local area and the Murray River. The support by Life Saving Victoria in running these sessions and assisting students to feel safe in an unfamiliar environment was fantastic and the students had, not only a great learning experience, but a really fun time as well.

Mrs Kate Woodman
Years 5 & 6 Pastoral Care Team Leader