Restorative Practices

Approach misbehaviour by being curious instead of furious

Victory Lutheran College aims to ensure that all students are able to develop academically, spiritually, socially and physically in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.

Staff help students develop self-discipline and a sense of personal responsibility for their behaviour and similarly set an example of the behaviour that is required of students, particularly with regard to courtesy, punctuality and mutual respect.

Victory Lutheran College uses Restorative practice as an approach to managing conflict and behaviour concerns with a focus on repairing the hurt caused to a relationship and the obligation to then repair that harm. It is a way for students to develop better understanding and empathy of each other. Students build communication skills, problem solving abilities and learn to appreciate the relationship they have with other students, teachers and staff.

The Behaviour Management Policy outlines the principles and implementation if, or when, restorative practice or disciplinary action is needed. All members of the College community, including staff, students and parents/guardians, have a role in the implementation of the Behaviour Management Policy which is facilitated through the Restorative Practice Policy and Procedure outlines.

For any well-being concerns, please contact the Well-being Office or Director of Well-being, Ms Kareena Musgrave.