A fourth Year 7 Class at Victory

Enrolment demand for Year 7 prompts an additional class

A fourth Year 7 class in 2025 is exciting news as Victory Lutheran College continues to grow whilst retaining its small school community focus. This aligns with Victory’s five-year Strategic Mission and Vision committed to providing excellence for all in a Christ-centred community.

The announcement made by Principal Mr John Thompson and the College Board has long been in the planning and provides a range of benefits for the Foundation to Year 12 College community. Along with the current Year 6 classes transitioning to Secondary, the fourth stream at Year 7 will allow Victory to welcome new students and families wanting to join the community in Secondary. There are other benefits, particularly in terms of curriculum offerings and timetable structure, allowing a broader curriculum with greater flexibility in a variety of areas.

“I am excited about our future and the many achievements that await us.

In anticipation of the growth in Secondary enrolments, the College has embarked on a commitment to enhance the facilities, which have already begun this year with the extension of the Visual Arts Learning Hub adding a Senior Visual Art classroom, Digital Lab and Film, TV & Media Studio and gallery areas. In 2025, construction of the Student Hub will commence, serving as a centre for student services. More extensions are planned in the years ahead to ensure the College provides optimum learning spaces in the Secondary School.

Mr Tim Hartwich, Head of Secondary, said “It should be remembered that whilst the College will be getting a little bit bigger, we will not be a ‘large’ school in comparison to many others. The fundamental and most important aspects of Victory that define who we are will not change. Victory will continue to be a community where every child is nurtured and valued. Our ‘family’ feel will remain at the forefront with all the advantages a Foundation to Year 12 community brings. The College will be ‘big enough’, but not ‘too big’.”

Enrolments for 2025 are open and interviews for Foundation and Year 7 underway.

New families interested in enrolling at Victory for 2025 are encouraged to contact the Registrar, Ms Marg Moore as soon as possible on 02 6057 5859 or via email: registrar@vlc.vic.edu.au

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