Inter-house Athletics Carnival

The Primary and Secondary Athletic Carnivals were three days of competition which saw students competing in a range of events.

Secondary Athletics Carnival

The Secondary Athletics Carnival was held over two days early in Term 2 - one at Alexandra Park, Albury which saw a full day of track and field events. The second day of events was held at Victory, 

After being on tenterhooks for over a week, Murray have won the Secondary Athletics Carnival with 4374 points followed by Kiewa on 4242 points and Mitta on 3991 points. Congratulations to Murray who have now scooped all three Inter-hosue Carnivals for 2018 and were presented the Athletics trophy.

Primary Athletics Carnival

It was four seasons in one day, but in between the bouts of rain when we ducked for cover in Luther Hall, the Primary Athletics Carnival was an exciting day of competition for our young athletes. The wind gave an additional boost to the sling shot much to the delight of the Foundation students who were amazed at the distance the sock can cover when uplifted by a wind draft. The windy conditions kept everyone on their toes, but all events went ahead though some were modified slightly to keep to the schedule. The VET Sports & Recreation students were a terrific help running events and giving technique tips to students. It was fun to see them racing in their own display sprint.
Congratulations to Murray who were victorious with overall points of 1791, followed closely by Mitta on 1747 points then Kiewa on 1689 points.