National Tree Day

Foundation, Year 2 and Year 5 students celebrate National Tree Day

Primary students had a great time on Friday at two planting sessions as part of School's Tree Day, which is part of Planet Ark's National Tree Day. Across the two sessions, 300 plants were put in and the weekend rain has certainly helped settle the plants into the ground. 

The first session involved Foundation with help from their Year 5 buddies, in what is almost now a tradition, to plant hedge seedlings out front of the College. 

Year 2 then had a big session in the afternoon expanding the range of natives with bush tucker plants at the Sustainable Learning Garden at the back of the College. Year 2 planted not just one but up to 3-4 plants each particularly after they got the hang of digging to the right depth, easing the plant out of it's pot, planting, setting up the tree guard, mulching and watering it all in. 

Our thanks and appreciation to Allison and Dean from Jacobs Toyota Wodonga, who provided tools, T-shirts, tree guards and two extra pair of hands!! Jacobs Toyota also contributed to the cost of purchasing new plants for the day. 

Foundation and their Year 5 buddies plant a hedge row of seedlings. 
Year 2 plant more natives and bush tucker plants in the Sustainable Learning Garden.