Our Secondary production captivates!

A third last magical show of Aladdin Jr.

Tonight sees our Production Team perform Aladdin Jr for the final time. I was absolutely privileged to attend the first sold-out performance on Thursday evening, along with many of our other staff, students, parents/carers and community. The performance last night was outstanding and they rightly deserve to be recognised for their teamwork, professionalism, hard work and talents. From our leads to the support cast, to the costumes and makeup and back-stage crew, everyone contributed superbly to what was an incredibly fun, entertaining and polished performance. The delights on the faces of the audience post-show and the joyous conversations in the foyer as students came out from back-stage really said it all.

As a College, we are so proud of all students involved in this spectacular production - it was certainly a chance for students to showcase their skills and talents in an environment that many rarely get to see. It was certainly terrific to see another side of our students!

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket to tonight's show, strap yourself in for a magic carpet ride!

I would like to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of our Directors/Producers - Miss Tayla Johnson and Mrs Katie Heinrich, along with Vocal Director - Mr Andrew Baker. Putting on a show of this quality is no easy task, and they've spent the best part of the past 9 months planning, preparing and rehearsing with students. I also thank all other staff and volunteers who assisted in helping the show run so smoothly.

It would be remiss though, not to thank and celebrate all our students who were involved in Aladdin Jr this year. So instead of highlighting individuals, please recognise and applaud the following students:


Lochlan Moffat

Inez Cathie

Ruby Fraser

Scarlett Butler

Prince Oduro

Oscar Kneip

Lilly Cautela

Ruby Strang

Bethany Knights

Devika Rangubhatla

Charlotte Lambeth

Sophie Bertram

Walter Bowles

Poppy Cautella

Anton Davey

Sacha Davey

Hannah Dewhirst

Kira Dreier

Elka Graham

Laithen Grantham

Eve Heiner

Shae Holt

Lucas Konjevic

Zoe Malcolm

Daniel Oduro

Lucille Pascoe

Celina Pimm

Charlize Reid

Maddison Wiencke


Martin Fraser

Savannah Bandsma

Stella Brinsdon

Pip Moss

Hugo Davey

Year 9 Like a Bo$$

So, whilst sadly our 2023 Production comes to a close tonight, we know there will be plenty of wonderful memories and undoubtedly some new lasting friendships. The bar has now been set as we eagerly await what lies ahead for our 2025 Secondary Production!

Mr Tim Hartwich
Head of Secondary