Pink Stumps Day is back!

Training is underway, pink outfits considered, bowling training at the nets... get ready for our Pink Stumps Day

The challenge has been accepted and Year 12 students are busily training for the Year 12 vs Staff cricket match vying for the Barras Cup. The game is set for Wednesday afternoon/early evening on 10th March starting at about 3.45pm. 

Staff are drawing from a highly talented pool of players for their mixed team, and yet again remain overly confident about their chances and have decided training really isn’t necessary for them. 

We welcome parents/guardians to come and watch and maybe provide advice for their sons and daughters as to how to overcome the bowling finesse and barrage of massive shots by the staff team. 

Donations are now being for the McGrath Foundation

Please help us make an impressive target of $1,000 to support the provision of breast cancer care nurses regionally. 

2021 Pink Stumps Day Vlc Clickview

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