Records smashed at Secondary Swimming Carnival

Not only did Murray win for the seventh year in a row, but records fell!

On Friday, 16th February, Victory held the Secondary Swimming Carnival. After the rain and clouds cleared, the Albury Swim Centre quickly started filling up with our staff and students.

Throughout the day, the novelty races were a massive hit led by an expert team of teachers skilled in the art of having fun. The students enjoyed competing in House groups and participating in fun games such as Holey Poley and Hungry Hungry Hippo! Not to be outdone, DJ Haymes and DJ Buckland provided the students with an incredible playlist of music ranging from the Bluey theme song all the way to the Backstreet Boys. Over at the 50m pool the competition was red hot with some close finishes and what seemed to be competition for bragging rights between friends.

Now in its second year, the Iron Man/Woman event proved very popular. This year, to avoid the drama of wet shoes, we started with a 1.1km run finished off by a 100m swim. I had a go at this event and quickly realised I was in it for the participation award!

So many records were broken at this year's Carnival, many long held. 

Although a few things changed this year it seems most things stay the same. Murray have won their seventh Swimming Carnival in a row with a total 1,485 points, which is quite an impressive feat! Second place on 1,408 points was Mitta and Kiewa took out third place.

This event would not happen without the help of all our Secondary staff, So I want to finish with a big thank you for being there to support not only me but the incredible students of Victory.

Mr Jimmy Vogel
Secondary Sport Coordinator