Resource Smart Team wins!

Resource Smart Schools Awards 2023

This week we were delighted to be recognised as the Secondary Student Action Team of the Year by the 2023 ResourceSmart School Awards. The 23 students (from Years 5-11), have met fortnightly to discuss available grants and competitions, recycling initiatives and to craft and sell eco-bricks and food wraps. Their determination and outstanding organisational skills were crucial in achieving our 2 Star certification.

The Team have also promoted biodiversity, undertaken pollinator and bird counts. They have been encouraging sustainable behaviour within our Colelge community by promoting recycling, composting, solar cones and sharing of second-hand uniforms.

This was the second year in a row that Victory was nominated for the category and a fantastic recognition of the work done by our student-led Resource Smart Team over the last four years and the support shown by our community. Unfortunately, our Resource Smart members couldn't attend the ceremony this year (due to the exam/show commitments) but the Team was thrilled to receive the award.