RUOK? Day at Victory

RUOK? Day was celebrated on Thursday 13th September to raise awareness of the importance a conversation can have in changing a life.

RUOK? is a national suicide prevention campaign that encourages us to check in with friends, colleagues and family and ask the simple question ‘Are you OK?’  It’s important to remember that you only need to ask the question and be prepared to listen, you don’t have to have all the answers.

It was a beautiful sunny, slightly breezy day on Thursday 13th September when the whole College came out for the RUOK? afternoon. The activities began with face painting, temporary tattoos whilst students lined up for a sausage or a themed cupcake before the Colour Run on the oval. Year 12 students manned each of the colour stations ready to throw coloured powder at the youngest and some quite fearless and eager runners. 

For each lap run, students earnt points towards their House and it was quite a feat to run several laps of Luther Oval in 10 minutes. It seems getting bombarded with colour is a good motivator to keep running. The afternoon continued with each year level running the course and by the end, there were many happy, colourful faces... some Smurf look-a-likes, Green Machines, and Purple Berry faces amongst the yellow and black RUOK? Day colours. 

Thank you to all the parents and guardians who came along to watch the fun. We hoped the day sparked conversations at home around the RUOK? message. 

All proceeds raised will go towards Trust in Kids, a local organization run through UMFC (Upper Murray Family Care) giving disadvantaged and vulnerable young people social, recreational and educational opportunities to increase their hope and self-worth. 

Primary Colour Run

Secondary Colour Run

Some of the Year 12 Colour Stations

Students and Director of Well-being, Mr Travis Wiese talk about RUOK? Day