Stage Door 2019

The Stage Door Festival has wrapped up for another year

Four wonderful concerts later, Stage Door 2019 has finished with packed audiences and excited performers. Well done to our Foundation - Year 3 students on your fabulous 70's themed acts. To get up on stage is no easy feat and our students are very lucky to have the experience from an early age. As well as performing, they also had the opportunity to be part of an audience and learning audience etiquette is also a valuable experience.\

Secondary music students also performed at Stage Door. The Year 8 Rock Band, VCE Acapella group, College Chorus, Year 9 Rock Band, the new Orchestral Ensemble Year 10 Ensemble as well as the Year 10 Rock Band all played a selection of modern and fabulous 70 hits. Plus there were beautiful solo performances by our Year 12 students and the Year 12 Rock Band did a fantastic take on Stevie Wonder's Master Blaster.

'The Locomotion' by Year 1
Foundation air guitar like real rockers to Bob Seger's 'Old Time Rock N Roll'
That's a lot of Village People! And Year 2 know all the moves for their Village People medley
Year 3 perform 'Lean On Me'
Secondary music students at Stage Door