Strategic Vision 2023-2027

Our strategic direction for the next five years will continue to provide excellence for all.

Over the past two years, we have consulted with our College community to form the next Strategic Vision for Victory Lutheran College. We reviewed the achievements of the previous Victory 2020 Strategic Plan and considered the learnings which resulted from Remote Learning. There was much to be thankful for and proud of, not least our continued mission to provide excellence for all in a Christ-centred community, equipping and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

So, it gives me great pleasure to present our new Strategic Vision 2023-2027. Within it, we have identified five strategic intentions and goals that combined will enable our students to flourish and pursue their chosen pathways. We want to transform the lives of our people every day.

I encourage everyone in our community to read this publication, available on Cirrus and the College website. It is the thoughts, vision and prayers of our community. As a College staff, we look forward to enacting this new Strategic Vision 2023-2027 to build on the solid foundation of our past. Together as a community with our students, parents & carers and staff, we will deliver.

Yours in Christ,

Mr John Thompson
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