Take Away Tuesday

Take-Away Tuesday finishes up

It is strange to think that Term 3 is nearly finished. For VET Hospitality, this Term is an important time for our 2nd and 3rd year VET Kitchen Operations and Hospitality students to be assessed.

Our Drover Cafe Restaurant Week is normally the major form of practical assessment. However, this year the COVID-19 Delta outbreak and ensuing regional lockdowns put a halt to on-site dining so like many businesses in the industry, our programme adapted to a take-away service. We were amazed and truly grateful by the positive response of our community to ‘Take-Away Tuesday’. Seems, like many, we all love a night off cooking every now and again. Each week we were sold out and the students were run off their feet (in a good way), fulfilling orders to a timed pick-up delivery deadline. This proved to be excellent industry ‘pressure situation’ experience.

Our thanks to everyone who supported Take-away Tuesday, particularly to our many repeat customers, to those who sampled our fares, and of course to all our customers who had to be so patient when lockdown after lockdown put our menus on hold. Fortunately, we were able to squeeze all our Take-away services after regional Victoria opened up with tonight being our final Take-away service.

Our VET Hospitality students experienced a different, but no less valid and definitely current, perspective on the restaurant business. It has been an incredibly valuable and rewarding time for our students.

Ms Belinda Murrell
VET Hospitality Teacher