The Rite Journey Lead School Award

Victory recognised as a Lead School inThe Rite Journey program

We often celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of our students, and rightly so, but this week we celebrated the recognition of our Rite Journey Program and staff team as being a ‘Lead School’.  

The Rite Journey is a Year 9 program that supports the development of self-aware, responsible, respectful, resilient and resourceful adults. It is now conducted in schools on four continents of the world. We have been running The Rite Journey at Victory for nearly a decade now and have seen it grow and go from strength to strength. So last week when we were notified that our College had been awarded ‘Lead School’ status (one of only six schools to be recognised like this) for demonstrating best practice in implementing the program it was certainly cause for celebration.

Our Rite Journey program has been steadily built and led by the tireless efforts of our staff team – Mrs Kareena Musgrave, Mr Paul Kinning, Ms Caroline Whittle and Mr Joel Klemke. It is these staff, along with the contributions of others throughout the years who deserve to be recognised for this achievement. They go above and beyond in supporting the growth and development of our Year 9 students and face many challenges in doing so. It is clearly evident every year, that the students who, along with their parents, are open-minded towards the program, are willing to take the challenges associated with it and go along for the ‘journey’ towards adulthood, reap the benefits from The Rite Journey. These students are more resilient and self-aware and so we again encourage our new Year 9 students to take up the challenge in 2019 and strap themselves in for their journey.

Congratulations though, to our Rite Journey staff for their tremendous work!

Mr Tim Hartwich
Head of Secondary
Rite Journey Lead School