Victory joins the Great Australian Cross Country Challenge

Victory Lutheran College has signed up for The Great Australian Cross Country Challenge (GACCC) and we are encouraging our students to get involved! With our College Cross Country Carnival cancelled due to the COVID isolation restrictions, this new competition will enable you to race solo or with a friend and record your results virtually!

Students who register will be eligible to win ASICS sporting gear or vouchers and will enjoy the benefits of keeping fit and staying connected to other students during isolation

Starting 15th May, you can run once, or as many times as you like it’s like 100 fun runs in 1! By simply uploading your results post run/walk, you can compare yourselves to others from Victory, or from within our local community, region, state and even aim to secure the coveted Australia Cross Country Challenge Championship!

What are you waiting for? Get registered and racing today!

How to Register

  1. Head over to, explore all the fun to be had, and when you’re ready, click ‘Register’.
  2. Create an Account with Race Roster. Please note: If you are under the age of 14, your
  3. parents are required to create the account in their name.
  4. Select your Sub Event based on your year group at Victory. E.g. if you are in Year 6, select ‘Year 6 (2km)’.
  5. Pop in all you’re Registration Information, ensuring to select your school from the drop down.
  6. Apply the Discount Code provided in the newsletter. This will remove the payment required!
  7. Read and sign the Terms and Conditions. Please note, this must be completed by an adult or guardian over the age of 18.
  8. Review all your information and click ‘Submit Order’ once happy!
  9. Once you have completed the Registration Process, you will receive a confirmation email from
  10. GACCC containing further information.
  11. Get ready to start running/walking your way through the Great Australia Cross Country Challenge!
Gaccc Pic