Victory P&F Walk-a-thon

Walk on the Wild Side at the P&F Walk-a-thon!

On Wednesday, 25th October, our Parents and Friends supported the return of our Walk-a-thon for our College community. It was great to see our Foundation to Year 12 students, staff and parents being active and walking around the designated track through the College grounds. In total more than 3500 laps were completed and congratulations to 5AE who completed the most laps with 159 laps, followed closely by 4TW with 158 and 3KN with 156. 

Many students dressed up to match the "Walk on the Wild Side" theme and everywhere you looked, there was an array of pandas, crocodiles, lions, unicorns, cowboys and cowgirls, cavemen and superheroes. 

Thanks to our Parents and Friends for their support of the Walk-a-thon and especially with the sausage sizzle, popcorn and zooper doopers to ensure our students had enough energy for all those laps.

Our thanks to the following sponsors who gave their support to the day:

  • Border Just Foods
  • Henri’s Bakery
  • Baker’s Delight
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Cancer Council
  • North East Water

Sponsorship forms will need to be returned to Victory Lutheran College by Wednesday 8th November 2017.