Victory reclaims the Caldwell Shield for 2019

In stunning conditions, across four competitive fields, Victory reclaimed the Caldwell Shield from St Paul's College

The rivalry with St Paul’s College Walla Walla continued on Friday, 30th August as a series of contests took place at Victory Lutheran College. 

AFL, Netball, Volleyball and Chess were contested with Victory winning the day and reclaiming the Caldwell Shield. Special mention to our Chess team and master coach Mr Rick Oats, for their more than convincing 16-0 win!

AFL Results

Junior BoysSPC def VLC62-8
Senior BoysVLC def SPC82-38

Netball Results

7/8 Girls SPC def VLC36-9
9/10 GirlsVLC def SPC33-22
11/12 GirlsVLC def SPC 30-26

Volleyball Results

7/8 BoysVLC def SPC2-0
7/8 GirlsVLC def SPC2-0
9/10 BoysVLC def SPC2-0
9/10 GirlsSPC def VLC2-0
11/12 BoysSPC def VLC3-0
11/12 GirlsVLC def SPC2-0

Chess Results

OpenVLC def SPC16-0