Year 2 Beechworth Excursion

Year 2 spent a day diving into history at Beechworth

Year 2 students spent a day at Beechworth on Tuesday exploring the Court House, Telegraph Station, Ned Kelly Vault and the Burke Museum. A highlight was definitely the session at the Court House re-enacting the Ned Kelly trial. Students donned robes and wigs as they became key historical figures from the trial including Ned Kelly himself, the judge and jury. 

The Burke Museum was also very popular, particularly the 19th Century streetscape. Students spent time searching for certain exhibits in a museum-style treasure hunt. It was a great way to finish off our Integrated Studies topic on ‘Past and Present’.

Eli summed up the museum beautifully: “This is the best place ever!” 

It was a beautiful sunny day, the finest weather to go exploring. The day finished with a walk taking a closer look at the architecture which Year 2 have been painting and sculpting in art classes this Term.