Celebrating Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

For the Commencment of Lent

Shrove Tuesday

Foundation cooked up a tremendous batch of pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, guided carefully by our wonderful parent/carer helpers who kept a close eye on the pans and helped manage the important timing of when to flip the pancakes.

It was a marvellous feast before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. It was hard to decide which was more enjoyable - cooking or tucking in - but we are very grateful for the morning's treat and having time with the parents/carers who could come in and help.

Ash Wednesday

Then in our Chapel Services we celebrated Ash Wednesday to recognise the beginning of Lent. This season is one that many Christians celebrate, a time of reflection leading up until Easter Sunday. Some start the season of Lent through making the sign of the cross on foreheads or the back of the hand with ashes. These ashes are usually the burnt up palm fronds from the previous year’s Palm Sunday. This act is a reminder that we are not perfect, that we need a saviour and Jesus became the perfect sacrifice for us.

As a part of recognising Lent, students were able to have the ashes placed on their forehead and/or the back of the hand during our Chapel Services, which was a powerful moment for all involved.

Students were also posed with a challenge for Lent. To try to commit to something for 40 days which provides the opportunity to reset, clear the mind, remove things that maybe clogging up our lives and stopping us from being the best creation of ourselves.

Some challenges suggested included (but not limited to) not buying anything that we do not need; giving up a treat (thinking chocolate?) and instead taking up taking up daily reading, meditation, waking up earlier, etc.

I welcome you all to join our challenge!

Mr Joel Klemke
College Chaplain