Foundation First Day

Welcome to 'big' school Foundation!

The start of the school year is always a busy and exciting time for students and staff as we return with renewed enthusiasm and energy for the year ahead. 

I would like to congratulate the students on the wonderful way they have all settled back into the routines of school. As I walk around the classrooms it is great to hear lots of chatter and laughter as students and teachers go about setting up for the year ahead.

A very special welcome is extended to our new students and their families who have joined us across various year levels, especially all our new Years 5 and Foundation students who have just begun their time at Victory. It is fabulous to have you join our wonderful community and I pray that your time with us is both an enriching and enjoyable experience.

Foundation students began on Friday 29th January and it was a slightly different morning, with parents/guardians signing in and adult numbers limited in the classrooms as per COVID-safe guidelines. But there was still plenty of excitement in the air with the 'First Day of School' photo booth utilised and time to explore the classrooms and find out where to put bags in the locker area before saying farewells for the day. 

While the first day is naturally very busy, the highlight for Foundation might have been meeting their Year 5 buddy, and vice-versa! New friendships begun and a new buddy to meet up with regularly throughout the year. 

Mr Gary Harding
Head of Primary
'First Day at School' Photo Booth
Foundation and their Year 5 Buddy