In the Art Gallery: Year 3 and VCE Studio Arts

Year 3 have created 'Lost Thing' 3D collages from their initial sketches whilst VCE Studio Arts students explored charcoal as a medium.

Year 3 - 'The 'Lost Thing' 

From humble rough sketches to 2D colour renditions and then their final transformation into 3D sculptures, Year 3 have produced a wild array of “Lost Thing” sculptures inspired by Shaun Tan’s picture book “The Lost Thing”. Using resources from home, mixing materials and putting it all together, we’re sure you will love their creations. 


VCE Studio Arts: Charcoal Sketches

It was wonderful to have VCE Studio Arts students (Years 10 and 11) back at school last week. They brought in their visual art diaries and charcoal sketches. Some of these were produced last Term and shown here are the result of a timed (10 minutes!) sketch of their Arts teacher, Ms Carolyn Doyle. Even working quickly within this time limit, they captured her likeness.

Charlotte Bothe 2

Charlotte Bothe experimented further with the medium and produced this amazing sketch of her grandfather in charcoal. The attention to detail is extraordinary. A wonderful piece.