Official Opening Miles Learning Hub

An incredible new learning environment catering to different learning styles

Coinciding with our 30th Anniversary, we opened our Miles Learning Hub last Friday with our current Year 3 & 4 students and many other special guests. Our latest addition to our facilities opened by Mr Julian Denholm, LEVNT Executive Director and dedicated by Pastor Joshua Muller, Wodonga Lutheran Parish.

I shared with our Year 3 & 4 students that, while it may seem strange to open a building after we have been using it for 6 months, it gives us the opportunity to celebrate and give thanks for this learning environment and those who have contributed to its development and construction.

As a College, we would like to acknowledge the support of the Victorian Government and the significant financial contribution through the Capital Grants program, allocated through the Victorian Independent Schools Block Grant Authority. Without this support, this project would not have been possible and we value the ongoing support of the State and Federal governments in our College community.

We were pleased to continue the tradition of naming our buildings after aircraft displayed within Mr Joe Drage's collection, when our site was previously occupied by his Airworld Museum.

Miles is named after the Miles M-38 Messenger aircraft, a 4-seat cabin monoplane, originating in United Kingdom and developed during World War 2 as a liaison aircraft for the Royal Air Force.

We now look forward to our Victory students and staff making the most of this learning space as they strive for excellence together, learning today – leading tomorrow.

Mr John Thompson