Pink Stumps Day Results No Surprise

Staff victorious again!

Another year of staff feeling confident in their prospects of winning the Barras Shield at the annual cricket contest against Year 12.

The students won the toss and surprisingly sent the staff into bat, which might have been their first tactical error. Although there were some early wickets, staff easily put on runs taking advantage of the students somewhat patchy bowling. Mr Tim Hartwich relished the prospect of Shari Terry’s slower deliveries, but in dancing down the pitch and missing the ball, was left stranded and stumped for less runs than usual. Staff had a solid batting innings thanks to the excellent partnership of Mr Dean White and Ms Tasanee James. Mr Paul Kinning, Ms Carmen Campbell, Ms Amanda Pyle and Mr Travis Wiese were also handy with the bat, helping set a decent target for Year 12 to chase.

Despite boundaries from student captain Oliver Clifford who retired on 25, the students had an insurmountable task in front of them. Wickets fell in quick succession, and the pressure mounted to sneak runs which never ends well. It led to desperate measures of certain Year 12 students taking the field to cause havoc with staff fielders, disrupting fielding with a chaotic game of impromptu tag. Ms Campbell took solid catches whilst her daughter Sian, tried to emulate her mum’s all round prowess. Handy knocks from Samuel Decker, Ava Flower and Benjamin Goyne couldn’t stem the flow of wickets from Miss Amanda Hawkins, Captain Gary Shepherd and Mr Paul Lempriere.

Poor Year 12. It was definitely a case of ‘you win some, you lose some’. The match resulting in, what is now, a four-year winning track record for staff. Perhaps cricket wasn’t the real winner of the day, but the good news is that our community has nearly reached our fundraising target for the McGrath Foundation. The supporting sale of pink cupcakes, zooper doopers and sausage sizzle for players and spectators also helping the cause. 

Thank you to everyone for your support. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make it happen. This is not only players, umpires, scorers and spectators, but also setting up, providing refreshments and helping to pack up. It was truly a team effort. 

Ms Caroline Whittle
Year 12 Pastoral Care Team Leader

Donations are now being for the McGrath Foundation

Please help us make an impressive target of $1,000 to support the provision of breast cancer care nurses regionally. 

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