Schools Tree Day

Schools Tree Day on Friday 27th July was a terrific way for our students to get outdoors, plant a seedling or native plant and appreciate doing their part for the environment.
 Foundation students and their Year 5 buddies out front
In the afternoon, planting out nearly 900 natives, ground cover and shrubs for a new Sustainability Learning Garden.

Victory Lutheran College was one of nearly 3000 schools, pre-schools and kindergartens nationwide who took part in the annual Schools Tree Day on Friday, 27th July as part of the National Tree Day.

The weather turned out just beautiful. The morning clouds went away for our Foundation students, who with the help of their Year 5 buddies, planted 65 seedlings, continuing the hedge line on the front fence line that was started last year on the same day.

In the afternoon, Years 2 and 6 students and VCAL students had a bigger task ahead, planting nearly 900 various grasses, natives, groundcover and shrubs for a new designated Sustainability Learning Garden around an enclosed dam area at the back of the College. This new Sustainability Learning Garden would not have been possible without grant funds provided by LLL Earthcare.

We had some extra help from parents, guardians who also joined in on the fun. Allison Jacob and Susie Quihampton from Jacob Toyota Wodonga were on hand and provided the gardening gloves, T-shirts and afternoon fruit break for when the work was done.

The new Sustainable Learning Garden area will provide work towards the Australian cross-curricular priority of linking sustainability into core learning areas. By participating in the Schools Tree Day, students have fun in an outdoor setting learning to appreciate nature and experience ways to enjoy a more sustainable way of life.

The planning and preparation for an outdoor learning area such as this requires much planning and input from many. We are very appreciative of the help, advice and support given to make the area a reality.

Our thanks to:

  • LLL Earthcare for the grant towards a new Sustainability Learning Garden
  • Jacob Toyota Wodonga for the T-shirts, gardening gloves and afternoon fruit break
  • Anne Stelling from Landcare Wodonga for donation of plants
  • Sandy Creek Trees for their invaluable advice with plant selection and layout.

Ms Debra Brown
Facilities Manager
Victory Lutheran College video clip of Schools Tree Day
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