Secondary Athletics Carnival

Mitta win the Secondary Athletics Carnival!

How lucky were we! With so many events cancelled by COVID over the past 18 months, we were determined and hopeful to be able to hold our Secondary Athletics Carnival in Albury on Friday, 17th August. Fortunately for us, the Victorian regional lock-down ended just in time and the NSW regional lock-down commenced just 24 hours after we had finished our carnival! Talk about good timing!

It was a brilliant day, both in terms of the weather and competition, but also for our collective spirits. To see our students out in the sunshine and having fun with each other, reminded us that things will not always be the way they are currently. There is still much to enjoy and celebrate in this world – it is certainly important we focus on that.

Our congratulations to Mitta for winning the Secondary Athletics Carnival by just 90 points!

Overall Results:

Year 12 certainly got into spirit of the day and enjoyed the day thoroughly. Who knew the Teletubbies were so athletic? The senior student relay was an especially colourful race with Teletubbies, rainbow 3-piece suits and coordinating fluoro tracksuits. We can not believe everyone could still run so fast dressed that way!

Mr Tim Hartwich
Head of Secondary

2021 Age Champions

13 YearsSophia KotzurLucas Horsfall
14 YearsNeeve TaylorKohan Horsfall
15 YearsAdelaide RobbWilliam Kennedy
16 YearsBailey TaylorNelson Bowey
17 YearsLily CrossPrince Kiza
20 Years / OpenEllie OwenJett Cassidy / Samuel Decker