​ Secondary Hume Swimming

Great team effort and individual results at the Hume swimming

On Tuesday 15th March a small but very strong team represented Victory Lutheran College at the Hume Swimming Championships at Wodonga WAVES. We had some fabulous results with 8 swimmers qualifying for the State championships (which will consist of two individual swimmers and two relay teams) as only 1st place-getters qualify for State level. Victory also finished 4th overall out of 28 schools at the event which is a fantastic result.

A special congratulations to Isabella Van Der Merwe who won the U15 Girls Age Champion and to Charlize Greenaway for finishing second in the Under 14 Girls Age Champion.

Congratulations to the team and best of luck to those heading to the State Championships in Melbourne in late April.

Ms Tasanee James Secondary Sport Coordinator
T1 Secondary Hume Swimming 49

Individual Results

Relay Results

SwimmerCategoryResult & Event
Charlize GreenawayUnder 14 YearsRunner’s Up Age Champion
2nd 50m Butterfly
2nd 50m Backstroke
Charlize Greenaway12-15 Years 1st 200m Individual Medley
2nd 200m Freestyle
Charlize Greenaway12-20 Open 3rd 100m Butterfly
Grace McCourt Under 14 Years6th 50m Breaststroke
Isabella Van Der MerweUnder 15 YearsAge Champion
2nd 50m Breaststroke
3rd 50m Butterfly
3rd 50m Freestyle
Isabella Van Der Merwe12-15 Years3rd 200m Individual Medley
Isabella Van Der Merwe12-20 Open1st 100m Breaststroke
Rachel LadeUnder 16 Years5th 50m Freestyle

Our Relay teams had some terrific results as follows:

TeamAge CategoryResult & Event
Emma Ginnivan, Charlize Greenaway,
Grace McCourt, April Lade
12-14 Girls1st
200m Medley Relay
Rachel Lade, Ruby McCourt,
Isabella Van Der Merwe, Lily Spice
U16 Girls1st
200m Medley Relay
Rachel Lade, Ruby McCourt,
Isabella Van Der Merwe and Lily Spice
U16 Girls2nd
200m Freestyle Relay