Year 12 Class of 2019 Final Assembly

Farewell Year 12 - good luck!

Year 12 celebrated walking through the school gates as students for the last time on 22nd October.  They had a fun morning dressed up, scooting round the Argus courtyard on Ripstick skateboards, planting the memorial tree for 2019 before they gathered for their farewell Assembly in the afternoon with the whole College community and their families.

Mr Thompson addressed the Year 12 cohort and thanked them for their contribution and leadership, encouraging them "to be open to opportunities and have faith in their abilities to go forward one step at a time and that there is a plan for you. It is the courage in your heart which will lift you up."

For each of our graduates, the last day might have been filled with mixed emotions – happiness for some, sadness for others, excited about the future or unsure about the next phase. It is true that after today, life will change and as the Class of 2019, the future has some uncertainty but…….they will now step out as Victory Old Scholars and tomorrow’s leaders.

College Captains and Vice-Captains also addressed the College community and gave thanks for their year. 

From Sophie Knight, College Captain: 

"Overall, this year has been one of the best years of our schooling, making memories that will stay with us for years to come. For some of us, this is our 13th year at Victory. Although, it is not easy to say goodbye, Victory has allowed us to develop into confident young adults, who have been taught the values and ethics to enable us to be successful in life, in whatever way that entails for each of us."

College Chaplain, Mr Dewhirst then invited families present at the Assembly to join their Year 12 child or sibling for a final prayer for the weeks ahead in recognition of the support and encouragement they have given throughout their child's (and sibling's!!) final year.

Part of our Farewell Assembly for the current cohort of Year 12 is to announce the new College Captains and Vice-Captains who will take over the student leadership for the following year. 

Congratulations to our incoming 2020 College Captains Annika Knight and Macauly Hampton, and Vice-Captains Sophie Coope and Hannah Bothe.