Year 4 Bike Education Week

The final week of Term 3 is Bike Education Week for Year 4 students.
Pump Track Session run by the Bicycle Network

Year 4 students have nearly completed their Bike Education Week, with activities designed to develop their skills to be safer cyclists and road users. Because Victory is a gold medal school in the Ride2School national programme, we had the added benefit of the Bicycle Network from Melbourne running a special Pump Track session as an advanced workshop. Apart from being a lot of fun, the Pump Track tests balancing and cornering skills. It works best when the cyclist uses their body momentum to cycle the track instead of pedaling. Too many laps though and you can end up dizzy!

The Bicycle Network is a not-for-profit organization which encourages students to get physically active on their journey to and from school. Since the 1970’s, the average number of children walking or riding to school has consistently declined so that now only 2 in 10 students actively travel to school. The Bicycle Network aims to counteract this. Whilst the majority of their workshops are run in metropolitan schools, today was one of the few occasions they have travelled to a regional school. 
Year 4 are looking forward to the bike ride to Albury tomorrow. Make sure your drink bottles are filled!